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7 Figure Cycle System – Designing A Professional Online Store

7 Figure Cycle System – Designing A Professional Online Store, Many of the friends of the site are asking many questions about e-marketing strategies, SEO and real estate marketing courses and techniques. But most of the questions revolve around the most important topic on the internet, how to profit from the Internet. How can a person create a project online without the risk of monument? ..Only frankly, the 7 Figure Cycle Review methods of profit on the Internet many, but the most important and most dangerous and the most profitable way at all is electronic commerce, as our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that nine tenths of livelihood in trade, so is the case online, where you can open or create a E-shop design professional trades and sells through it and win thousands, perhaps even millions …

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

Advantages of designing a professional online store

There are many advantages that stimulate the opening or establishment of an online store and the most important of these features:

Low cost: The cost of setting up an online store can not be compared to the cost of creating a traditional store in the real world. In our real world, you need a piece of land to buy in an appropriate commercial location, then build your store or rent the store directly from the owner. Confirmation, it will cost you tens of thousands, in contrast to the online store, which is a very low cost and very very cheaply if compared to the store in real reality ..

I have a professional online store that helps me to reach customers from all over the world, so I’m not limited to customers just from the same city or geographic location as in the regular online store.

Your shop or shop is open 24 hours: As you set up an online store, your merchandise, products or services are offered to your customers not only for 10 hours or 12 hours as in the traditional store, but your goods are available 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, Holiday days. When you shop for an e-shop, you can actually sell even when you’re asleep because your location or store, where everything is automatic, will do the job on your behalf and you will not have to wake up unless you deliver the goods, the product or the service to the customer.

Those were some features and not all the features of the e-store on the traditional store, and now we come to an important question …

How to open an online store ..?

Our Lord is now hesitating in your mind that question, which is the way of working or how to set up an electronic store .. And right, it has been for a long time was limited to large companies or with him a budget is a bit high to create a professional online store .. But now, The problem is that most of these store design companies are mostly foreign and target a foreign audience. But today we came to you with a website designed by Arab electronic shops with Arab hands and minds. A professional knows what a user wants To the Arab trader and put in his hands all the tools and marketing strategies in a professional electronic shop, but only to make you win from it, God willing .. And that the wonderful site through which you can implement the project of the electronic store in a very easy and professional is the platform of the Expand Cart ..

Expand Cart – Design a professional online store

But, what distinguishes Expand Kart as an e-store design company from other e-commerce design companies?

In fact, the ExpandCard platform has a number of important features that have made it truly the best platform, platform or electronic store design company.

You can set up a free online store for 15 days. The platform offers the free experience to try out and you can see the amazing possibilities you can get in your online store on this wonderful platform. Then you can choose the right subscription package for you.

The platform supports the Arabic language completely, it is from Arabs to Arabs, not foreign and has been Arabized, so Expand Card provides a control panel in Arabic and this unique feature is almost nonexistent at any other electronic store design company.

Expand Cart also provides technical support for marketing consultancy and e-commerce in general for all customers, all available in Arabic and English as well.

The ExpandCard platform also supports all your technical issues related to hosting services, technical support and the scope of your website or e-store, all free of charge within the package prices. They already provide super cloud hosting services through AWS servers or Amazon Web Service, Which ensures the speed of your shop and never stop it, God willing, no matter how many visitors.

The platform is easy, flexible and simple so you can upgrade your online store or move from one package to another at any time. ExpandCard also offers a great package for business owners, the Enterprise package, and the rest includes additional and very distinctive services. In Expandart you run your store so you can focus on your business and leave the technical and marketing issues to them.

Another great feature is the presence of a lot of electronic store templates on the ExpressCard platform, which ensures that your online store will have a distinctive feature, with the utmost ease in adjusting the design to suit the quality of your products, knowing that all of these templates are responsive and show superbly On all electronic devices.

Stabilis Lucra Review Is Stabilis Lucra SCAM Or LEGIT?

How To Be Successful In Forex Trading

Learning how to trade in Forex only is not enough to be successful in the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, you need more knowledge and skills to be successful in Stabilis Lucra market. You need to know the different things that will help you in trading Forex to earn a lot of money.

You simply need to know about how to trade in foreign currencies and major trading currencies, such as the US dollar, Japanese yen, and other fundamentals. It is equally important to know when trade is done and what is the trade in foreign currencies. For all this you need to know more about trading strategies. Also know the different types of strategies needed in Forex. There are many different strategies that can be used on the Forex Exchange. After using these strategies correctly. You can earn a lot of money in a very short time.

But you have to know that forex trading is very different from stock trading. Therefore, using Forex strategies is also different from stock strategies. The first strategy you can use to make a lot of money in the Forex market is the “Forex Leverage” strategy. With Stabilis Lucra strategy you will be an investor in the Forex market, and will help you borrow money to increase potential revenue. By this method you can easily make your money from the 1: 100 ratio. There is a second strategy called “stop loss order”, this strategy can be used to minimize risk.

Some techniques can be used when trading in the Forex market.

Forex trading takes place over the course of 24 hours where traders can trade anytime, anywhere. Many traders think Forex market conditions are very good to trade in.
Also, the Forex market is the most liquid market in the world. This means that a trader can enter or exit the market at any time. This is to minimize risk, and there is no limit to daily trading.

Here are some tips you should remember to help you make money in the foreign exchange market:

– When you lose, you want to reduce the risk of losing money Do not add more money when you lose.

– Identify transactions that move in the right direction. This may reduce the risk of losing money and maximizing profit opportunities.

There are some tools that you can use when trading in the Forex market. Charts are one of these tools for the racket. Charts are the most important tool traders can use to determine market trends and accurately predict the future value of a currency. Although it is not actually 100% accurate, but can be used as evidence of what is happening in the market.

The trader needs to know how to read the various charts in the Forex market. There is a daily chart, hourly chart, charts every 15 minutes and up to 5 minutes. You can compare all of the data in the chart to verify market trends, while at the same time monitoring potential trends to make money can help you reduce risk when trading in Forex. Learn how to read maps effectively and you will be well on the Stabilis Lucra David Jukl way to a successful foreign exchange market.

These are some of the techniques and tips that we should always keep in mind in order to minimize risk and increase potential profits in Forex trading. Depending on your skills and how to apply your techniques, you can really make great money from the Forex market. However, to be a really successful Forex trader, you have to accept the fact that you will lose money sometimes.

Your Way to Success .. Five Tips to Achieve Your Goals Quickly

Your Way to Success .. Five Tips to Achieve Your Goals Quickly

Achieving the goals you set in your career, business or personal path will be easy if you have the will and the will, but Reality Bending Secrets Book is very general.

What if we stopped at five important ways recommended by self-development coaches to achieve big goals in a short time.

Focus carefully and read these tips and you are determined to come out with greater determination and determination to achieve your goals on time.

1. Identify exactly what you want

“Setting goals in life is the first step to turning invisible objects into visible objects,” says self-development coach Tony Rubin.

You should therefore focus on your primary goal, and be very clear to you.

Here is the advice from the wealthy American Haroldson Lafayette:

“Decide what you want and then decide what you can do to get it and then prioritize and go to work.”

Reality Bending Secrets
Reality Bending Secrets

2 – See the paths of your predecessors

Whatever goal you are considering, you will find that some of you have tried. You are required to choose five people, for example, who feel that their experiences are inspiring to you.

Think about their ways, their strengths and what mistakes they made during the quest to achieve the goal.

Take a paper and write on it the names of only three people whom you think are The Eastern Keys best, then try to find out five methods that relied on them and follow them.

3. Plan of action

Once you have set your goal, develop a plan of action under which you will take concrete steps to begin implementing your plan.

Select five detailed steps to keep track of since the beginning of your day, but you should plan to implement them on time. If you decide to learn French, you will travel to Paris and decide to save 30 new words every day and talk only in Molière’s language throughout your stay in the Capital of Lights.

4- Who do you want to be?

It must be determined exactly and without blurry vision of who you want to be.

This means that you are ready to make hard or difficult efforts like those who want to be like them.

You want to be, for example, a leading computer company, think carefully about Bill Gates’ daily pressure and hours of work in order to get Microsoft to what it is.

You may want to be an excellent ball player. Remember what Swedish star Zlatan Brahimovic said about Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo “The Manifestation Millionaire Reviews is the result of hard training and perseverance in developing himself.”

When you look at these two models you can then decide which type of success you want to be.

5. Learn about the obstacles

You may say, “My will is not invincible or my will is not afraid.” But whatever you are determined to do, there are obstacles and limits to your ability. First identify these barriers and identify how you will deal with them from the start.

Do not get into the goal and you do not come up with a way to solve a problem you may face at a time or how you will overcome an obstacle that you are not prepared to overcome.

Trying Forex Trading With The Forex Scorpio Code System

In today’s world many people are interested in investing their money so they can develop it faster. The problem is that not many people are willing to take the risk of investing because Forex Scorpio Code usually involves a lot of risk of loss and therefore prefer to put their money in banks. There is no problem with dealing with banks except that they pay low interest rates and therefore take the money a long time to grow up. So if you want to make real money, you have to have the courage to take risks. Making money needs money; risk will always exist as long as you want to make quick and many money.

Forex Scorpio Code
Forex Scorpio Code

One of the biggest areas where you can invest your savings is Forex. Forex trading has been around for decades and its market is the largest financial forum around the world with daily trading volume estimated at $ 3.1 trillion a day. Trading is open 24 hours where you never sleep. Transactions are made all over the world through phones and computers, where millions of dollars are exchanged in just a few seconds. Forex trading consists of thousands of individual banks and Forex trading institutions that monitor developments around the globe, developments that may affect the value of the currency they are trading. Forex Trading deals with currency exchange from different countries of the world. The Forex Scorpio Code Vladimir Ribakov idea is to determine the high and low value of a particular currency and thus trade whenever possible.

For small Forex swaps, managed accounts are ideal for cautious people because this type of trade involves as little risk as possible. In this case, you give your money to be invested by one of the reliable Forex traders who are wise and honest. These speculators use their extensive knowledge and long experience through a profitable strategy, for a fee of course.

With the advent of the Internet, Forex trading can be done by simply pressing the mouse. Money travels through space and wires all the time. Computers have provided great help for the growth of Forex trading where it is possible to do transactions at any time and anywhere. When you want to trade forex anytime and anywhere you will always find someone somewhere to trade with you.

There are two basic and fundamental ways to analyze and evaluate the Forex market. There is technical analysis and fundamental analysis. There is a big difference between the two methods. In the fundamental analysis, speculators and forex analysts monitor the causes of market volatility caused by the political circumstances of a country or its laws and legislation and the policies adopted as well as the economic growth rate and many other factors. Forex Technical Analysis deals with charts, charts and other methods for measuring historical data and getting signals about the high and low currencies. They get all the information they need in order to use it to calculate and anticipate the probability or direction of their next job.

There is a lot to learn about forex trading; even the seasoned trader learns something new every day. Forex trading can generate huge returns in moments if you can catch the moment and the right deal. But remember that there will always be a risk, Forex trading may turn into a kind of gambling especially if your expectations are wrong. Before investing your money in Forex Scorpio Code or any company always try to check the records of past performance in Forex trading.

How do you create effective online marketing with Digital Cash Academy?

How do you create effective online marketing with Digital Cash Academy?

1. Focus on the target groups.

The first and most important advice about anything in e-marketing, because it is the basis of marketing is: If you do not know who to shop, who will shop? You should always look carefully and carefully for all the information available about your audience and target groups, their ages and hobbies, their place of residence, what they like and what they hate, what their interests are and what is the closest way to them, what kind of content they prefer, Information that will make the marketing process more effective.

To know who your audience is and your target audience, you are cutting off the bulk of the e-marketing process. It will make it easier for you to reach your audience and gain attention. In advertising, it is more important because the ad is shown to specific people. They are these people, your ad will not be fat or hunger, and vice versa when you study them well, your ads will appear to those interested and thus increase the rate of conversion increases revenues etc.

Digital Cash Academy
Digital Cash Academy

2-words have a special charm.

Words always affect people directly. Texts and words play an effective and influential role in all aspects of e-marketing because content and marketing is the foundation. You need to write a special ad copy that will affect who sees or reads this ad and compels it to take action towards This ad.

Writing texts is an art before anything. Make sure the text of the ad is clear, explicit, useful and distinctive. A declaration without a text and a direct and unique headline will be worthless and will not be reaped any fruits. The texts and words are the basis of the advertisements. Try to use words and phrases directly affecting the reader, show him the usefulness of your product in a few words and answer questions in his mind indirectly.

3 – visual form of advertising.

Appearance is one of the most important elements that can make your ad a successful and effective ad, showing your value proposition and the benefit of your ad in an elegant visual form, which is very important. I do not mean here the many annoying designs or the many colors that are scattered at all, what I mean is to maintain the visual form of the advertisement and not to distract the reader or viewer and away from the visual pollution and maintain the hierarchical visual hierarchy. Visual consistency can be in the form of character and writing of texts, in the colors that are determined based on the study of the psychology of the user or the person who will see the advertisement.

The visual form will help the viewer to act towards the advertisement and will directly affect the viewer’s psyche. An ad without an elegant appearance and a harmonious visual form is a declaration without spirit, and a declaration without a spirit, is a declaration without value.

4. Select “Call To Action”.

One of the things you should identify in your ad is to request the action that asks the reader or viewer to watch the ad immediately after viewing the ad and reading the text. If you advertise for a website, the verb you want to advertise is to access the site. To do so, please log in to the application page or download the application and so on.

Determining the desired or desired action from the reader or viewer as soon as you see the ad makes it much easier for you to measure the effectiveness of a simple algorithm by identifying the number of people who saw the ad and the number of people who already wanted to download the app or access Site, so you know how much your conversion rate (CR) is, which tells you a lot about your ad’s effectiveness.

5. Choose the most appropriate method.

In the world of e-marketing there are multiple ways and plans you can choose from, and there are different types of advertising such as re-targeting and others. Always try to find the most appropriate way to create an effective ad. It is important to choose the Digital Cash Academy methods of payment and accounting as well, for example, in Facebook ads there are different payment plans and methods, there is a pay-per-click method and there is also a method of payment per 1,000 people (CPM). Choosing the most appropriate method comes at the very beginning of your creation steps, which is of course very important.

6. Without numbers and analyzes, you’re nothing.

There is a famous saying in shopping: “If you can not measure well, you can not manage.” Without constant tracking of numbers and statistics, analyzing, editing and testing all aspects of your ad here and there, you will not be able to create an effective ad at all, and like a person who walks and does not know where he is going, he can not determine his position and how this position can be developed. Statistics and figures make all aspects of the advertisement in your eyes, you can know the effectiveness of the advertisement and its success and the interaction of the viewer with him, etc.

You can not go on to create a successful and effective online marketing on the Internet without constant tracking and continuous measurement of all results and try to use the statistics and analysis numbers to develop the effectiveness of the ad and how to interact with it. Try to set specific standards and criteria that can test the success Your ad and its spread

7. Choose the best advertising platform for you.

There are dozens of platforms that allow you to create an ad on the Internet. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others, as well as Google Adwords, are the most popular platforms. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages, as well as serving certain categories better than other categories. You can also create your ad directly by requesting Digital Cash Academy Scam from a site where you’d like to place your ad, or to sign up for an ad store like a classified ad store.

Determining which ad platform you want to place your ad on is very important, based on the plan you choose and the options that each platform gives you. What is best for you and your advertising There are specialized platforms in re-targeting ads only, And so on. The selection of the advertising platform must be done with great care and professionalism. In the Arab world, most advertisers turn to the social networks and Google Adsense, and the next one comes with strong ads.

Why is your blog essential to the success of your online store?

Having a blog that talks about your business has become a necessity for all merchants, especially online store owners. In today’s world, the Internet allows you to expand your business incredibly. Now, the user can find you a simple search by searching for your business name, and stay in contact with you until you do a business in the future.

Therefore, if your pages are not well archived by Google and the rest of the search engines, and are not updated regularly, I am afraid to tell you that you are definitely exposed to the loss of many transactions, as well as the loss of your business altogether.

In Lurn Virtual Summit post, I will show you 5 critical points that answer the most important question in this article: Why should you have a special blog for your business and how much will this move affect your business success significantly?

Of course, these points are the same as we are trying to achieve in the Digital Business Blog. Let’s look at them together:

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

1. Kill Google’s attention to archiving your pages through your blog

Keep in mind when your blog posts a page facing the audience that directly links to the home page of your site where you work. This will enable Google to locate these pages, and archive them as well. If you’re looking for success, you should focus on Google archiving all your blog pages and thus your site.

2. Type in topics related to your business and your company

The content on your blog should be a content of values ​​that is cultured, that has the value of knowledge and awareness of the product of the rule you are dealing with visitors, it does not mean that you have a blog that you will completely emphasize the promotion of your company’s products and services. You should ignore the point of direct promotion of your products. You should also write in your blog about the topics related to the products and services provided by your company, their importance and effectiveness in the lives of visitors, how their lives were without them and how they became, and what addition can be made in this field of business for visitors .. This alone is adding real value To your blog.

For example, if your company offers website design and development services, you can talk about the benefits of having a website, the best means to own a website, what characteristics you need then when you have a website, and what are the best ways to own a site from your own creation and customization .. etc.

3. Do not talk about your products in the blog

LurnSummit is the basic and essential rule of an effective blog: talk about products / services, their features and features, but never talk about products produced by your company. Blogging is a way of writing about communicating and sharing information and knowledge with others, not for promoting products, or selling services. This is not to say that you can not sell at all on your blog – Joel Com and John Choo sell directly on their blogs – but it takes careful processing, high accuracy and a good reputation before you start, but generally If you smell from your blog the smell of promoting and selling personal products, you can rest assured that you will lose all your credibility and the confidence of your readers.

So put your focus in your blog on the purpose for which it was created, namely the transfer of knowledge and information, not sales.

4. Use the Call To Action buttons

To achieve more sales, entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers who are not focused on selling a product or service, are vulnerable to destroying their online business. Behind every reason for blogging you should put this goal in mind: create more deals and generate more sales, and you can prove it and support it by putting the call to action or CTO button in the right place of your blog page.

You can place the action call button at the bottom of the page, somewhere in the content, anywhere … so that the visitor is prompted to take a specific action.

You can achieve a good number of deals by making good use of the right places where you place the Call Action button.

5. Be consistent and consistent in your efforts

You should be consistent in your posts, consistent with your topics, on your blogging trip. Do not make blogging intermittent, or when there’s a launch of a new product and the like, but stick to blogging and blogging. If you are able to frequency yourself on two posts per week while maintaining the consistency of your topics and appointments – such as choosing on Sunday and Wednesday to publish the posts – timing coordination is implicitly consistent with the consistency of topics.

Thus, your blog as a merchant will always help you stay under the eyes of search engines, search results, all their updates and clear endeavors.

Lurn Summit professional blog plays an important role in attracting more customers, so you should always stay close to blogging related to your business, and enjoy more deals for your company.

As for the perfect solution to the work of a blog and a shop at the same time there is no doubt that WordPress comes to the summit undisputed.

5 Ways To Bring Thousands Of Visitors To Your Everlesson Blog

1. Add graphs, illustrations, charts and images (with source)

If you’re the person who can do illustrations, take pictures, make charts, or even create funny scribbles through Powerpoint in Office Pack, you should not neglect this talent – however small and simple – to use it to develop your blog content . By uploading these images to your site (or using third party services such as Flickr and taking the photo link with the legitimate copy requirements on your site) you can find another source of visitors by Google Image search results, Get visitors to your site.

If you use images, I’m more likely to have a way for others – from your everlesson review site visitors – to use these images on their sites legally and with your permission, of course if you are the owner of this image (you are the one who created it). For example, you may have marked images under your site showing that it is okay for the visitor to reuse this image but with the post link – which contains the image – where the image will be placed with the source. You may also make it as a link placed in the sidebar and include it under the terms of use and reproduction, or in any manner that you deem appropriate for use with your visitors.

There are some people who will use your photos without reference to you, or put a reverse link on their site, and you can easily find them by Google’s image search feature Image Search Function Similar images.

Click “similar” or similar to any image and Google will show other images you think resemble them, which often reveal illegal users of images. All you have to do is access the owner of this illegal copy and treat him wisely “Want to copy my photos? It’s OK I can give you a legal link to that picture for life, not only that, but you can link the image to valuable content, and win a new friend as well .. What do you think? ”


2. Keep in mind the main keywords as you write your articles

It’s not surprising that you know that a large portion of your search engine results depend heavily on the rules your keywords target, and compare them to what visitors type in the search engines box. It’s hard to know what these words are unless you do some research before writing your article. Fortunately, there is a free tool from Google that helps you perform this task effectively. Its name is Google Keyword Suggestion or Google Keyword Suggestion Tool. ”

Type some words into the search box and click on the search button. Adwords will take the search for you, and you will bring sentences and phrases that match what you have written, according to the terms you set before the search. There’s a lot to play with in this tool, but all I want to know is the match types that Google Adwords displays.

When you use exact match, Google Adwords will display a number of guesswork results in the search that match the exact phrase. If you use broad match, you will see similar sentences related to the same topic in the search results, which may interfere with the way you type them with the word you selected as the search topic (that is, you may find a word in the search results that is not grammatical or spelling). “Phrase match” will only give you the sentences that contain the word or words you put in the search engine, so I think it to some extent give you results ranging from exact and approximate matches.

So if you want to write an article on how to generate good ideas for bloggers, I might write a title that expresses this idea. “If you want to write an article about how to generate good ideas for bloggers, Good ideas for blogging “or” blogging ideas “. Write, for example,” blogging ideas when you’re awake “or” blogging ideas that help you break intellectual deadlock “and so on.

Creating a blog post / article to target certain keywords is not as difficult as you might think, and even 80% of the article’s value comes from just using good sentences in writing an attractive title for the blog, and writing good quality content that expresses the title.

If you want more, you can read this topic for the keywords: “What are the keywords for your site and how to define them”.

3. Link your blog to other sites and blogs

The Internet did not make static content and text only! Readers value links as do bloggers, webmasters and also search engines. When you provide your material with references in the same context and in a way that there is no manipulation (be careful to make the form ideal to increase the need to link to groups or shares or pages every time you use the search terms can be certainly accepted by the search engines, but will look terrible For those who want to read your articles / posts) will draw visitors to other content and give search engines a nice reference to those previous posts.

Perhaps the most useful is to provide the contents of others with references. The expression (give and take) will apply perfectly to the Internet. Other webmasters will often receive alerts from Google or look at the messages from the informers to their content (eg, analatex, for example) to see who is talking about them and what they say.

Linking to other people’s blogs and sites is a straightforward way to get links and fame in social sites and build new social relationships by means of friendly messages, to whom you’ve referred to their topic in your blog. In the past, this tactic was the secret of the strength and persistence of my blog, and the increase in its awareness and access to many visitors. This method is still strong today.

4. Participate in sharing communities such as Reddit and StumbleUpon

The main social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) are not only able to send visitors to your blog. There are unique social sites such as Reddit (with more than 2 billion views per month), StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumbler and Care2 Profitability, GoodReads, Ravelry, Newsvin, and much more. Wikipedia insists on maintaining its form as a non-profit organization, so it is not appropriate to include it here.)

Each of these sites has its form, rules, settings, how it works, and ways to subscribe to it, as well as rules for publishing content and sharing it with others. As in participating in a blog community or forum – as we explained in Method 2 – you should add value to these communities to bounce back to you valuable visitors coming to your blog via these reverse or external links. Simply try to place a spam comment, or even leave your link without comment, so it will not take long to see a violent reaction to that action – maybe you’re banned from commenting again – and in the worst case you will not get anything at all. Instead, learn to tie the ropes well and share effectively with others, and you’ll find a response, an admiration, and an opposite link, translated into visitors that develop your site.

These communities are also a great source of inspiration for your blog’s content by monitoring and endorsing what they gain from your blog, and endorsing the guidelines in these communities to reap the benefits of your commitment and endorsement of these guidelines through visits from a conscious audience . The most important advice to bloggers in these communities is to monitor appropriate topics and consider whether it is wise to participate or not, and will help you with the search tools available in each of these sites.

5. Use the “guest blogger” principle and accept the posts of others

When you start out, it will be very difficult to persuade bloggers to allow you to write a post on their site, or to have enough audience to drive other bloggers to contribute to your site, and certainly when your professional friends deal decisively with it. So when you do not have a compelling marketing message from your relationships, look for people who know you, who trust you, and ask any of them who has a blog to give you the chance to write an article. Then ask them to respond to the same thing and write in Your blog.

The guest blogger is a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience that does not know you, has never seen you before, a good opportunity to gain good links in an early era of blogging, and increase the references to your site that will bring you direct visitors. Of your search results, because the various internal links are the magic key to how your pages are evaluated by search engines.

There are many valuable recommendations to use the “guest blogger” method, such as:

Search for sites with an audience with the same interests. The article you write takes up a lot of your time and effort, and it does not make sense for this effort to dissipate to readers who do not care what you write to write what interests them. Spend a little time searching for articles that succeed in a site like yours, and pay close attention to the comments they leave, which is the feedback that will reflect what you will write in the coming articles.

Do not despair if you ask a guest and the answer is no. As your file grows in the area where you write, you will have a lot of opportunities and demands for you in the future, with which the answer to the first question can be changed to yes. Therefore, do not prejudice yourself from early rejection, or allow remorse to control you and push you to quit trying, but vice versa Continue trying, but beware that your attempts to harass those who invite them, not from marketing training and not training to insist that someone pay to Writing to you forcibly, this behavior may cause you to lose it forever, and you find that your email has been blocked from its inbox.

When you try to get a guest blogger to write for you, make the process as simple as possible for the other party. Show him a large amount of articles that you have written and which have not been published yet, have not been shared with others, and given the ability to read them. The majority of such requests come with “yes” because they are better than asking them to write an article for you. This will be a good way to convince you.

Also, when you ask for a contribution from a blogger that has a niche in his industry, ask him to write a specific piece, which will be much easier than writing a full article from scratch in his own way. The statistics you encourage to blogging on your site, such as your guestbook, should provide the number of followers on your social networks, the number of RSS subscribers, etc. Data like this would be a very convincing way, especially for many person’s doubts.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus are great places to find opportunities to communicate with guest bloggers. Start with those who share your profile specifically if they have a blog. Also, you can try tools like Google’s search engine, Google’s Blog Search, Arab Robot Blogging, and Google Reader’s Search. These tools will have unbeatable results.

Forex Trading: The Perfect Forex Trading System

Forex market trading has gained increasing popularity over the past few years. But how difficult is Bitcoin Code to succeed in the Forex trading arena? Or let me ask the question in a different way, how many traders are making persistent profits in the Forex market? Unfortunately very few, only 5% of traders are achieving their goals. One of the main reasons for this finding is that forex traders focus on misinformation while making trading decisions while forgetting the most important factor: price behavior.

Most Forex trading systems are created using technical indicators (the intersection of the muffin lines, oversold situations, selling on oscillators, etc.) but what are the technical indicators? Technical indicators are only a series of data points drawn on the chart; these points are calculated according to mathematical equations applied to the price of any particular currency pair. In other words, it is the price action drawn in a different way to enable us to see other aspects of the price.

The Bitcoin Code
The Bitcoin Code

There is an important conclusion to be drawn from this definition. The truth is that the readings obtained from these indicators depend on price action. Take, for example, the long-term mopings signal when the price moves up enough to allow the short-term muffin line to cut its long-term counterpart to a higher buy signal. Most traders believe that “the intersection of the muffin lines pushed the price higher” but what happened is the opposite, the intersection signal of the muffin line appeared because the price is the one that went higher. What I want to say here is that the behavior of the price in the end is what determines how the index works and this has to be taken into consideration when making any trade-related decision.

Trading decisions based on technical indicators without taking price action into consideration will give us less accurate results. For example, again if we see a bullish signal created by the intersection of the muffin lines as the pair approaches one of the important resistance lines. If the price suddenly starts to bounce back from this important level then there will be no sense to take this bullish signal into account as price action in the meantime tells us that the market will not go higher. Under these circumstances, the market will continue to fall down, ignoring the intersection of the muffin lines.

Please do not get me wrong, technical indicators are one of the most important aspects of trade. It helps us to see certain conditions that will be difficult to see just by watching price action alone. But when it comes to trigger compression, the combination of price action in our forex trading system will put the odds in our favor as it will generate more profitable trading signals.

So, how do you create a perfect forex trading system?

First of all, you should make sure that the trading system suits your personality; otherwise you will find it difficult to follow Bitcoin Code system. Each trader has different goals and needs, so there is no system that can suit all traders. You will always need to do your own research on various trading techniques and technical indicators to find a concept that works well with you. Be sure to understand the nature of the work of the technical indicator you will be using.

Second, combine price action into your trading system. Therefore, you will only consider buying signals if the price action suggests that the market will move higher, and in the same sense, the sell signals will become more serious if the market is given a signal to the downside.

The third and most important thing is that you will always need to follow the Forex trading system you have chosen accurately. Try it first on a demo account. And then turn to open a mini account to work on it and when you finally feel the profitability of dealing with this system and the possibility of achieving the results of continuous profitability applied the system at the expense of your usual trading.

Top 5 Challenges to Creating Your Site for Search Engines

The emergence of your company in the first results on Google, can bring you many potential and targeted customers at the same time. Therefore, search engine optimization is the most important way to attract customers from different types of e-marketing. Understand the importance of configuring sites for search engines.

Large search engines such as Google are keeping pace with the technological development and thus linking the latest technologies with the results of search engines. If we look at one of the most recent updates launched by Google recently that is mobile-friendly, many sites have lost their ranking because they have not developed their website to be mobile-friendly. learn build earn review is one of the challenges that websites face in creating search engines. In this article, we will present the most important and latest challenges of publishing sites for search engines.

The challenges of configuring your site for search engines

One of the most important challenges of creating search engines is not to guarantee visitors

You do not have the search engine to always show it. Search engines, like Google, always make changes to them in terms of the algorithms that rank websites on search engines. If you do not keep up with these changes in search engines, you will lose your place. Therefore, companies that rely on a department that is not specialized in managing e-marketing campaigns will not be able to keep pace with those changes. Reliance on a company specializing in e-marketing through search engine optimization will definitely benefit your company’s website. If you want to do it yourself, hire one of our professional SEO staff.

Learn Build Earn
Learn Build Earn

The end of the search term

Keywords are no longer the foundation of search engine optimization

Keywords or keywords are the basis of all search engine optimization strategies. Some tools were used to find the highest words in search times and low in competition, and then put these words in many places on the site. Although the configuration of the on-page pages remains important, the tags have replaced the search terms. And the keywords are Google’s expectation of what the visitor is looking for, there will no longer be any role for the research words that were placed for example in any addition of SEO, such as Yoast and work on the configuration within the page.

As a result, company sites must change their search engine strategy by:

Focus on answering questions especially for mobile users rather than stuffing keywords.
Provide additional useful information to the user related to the content a visitor is searching for such as maps, ratings, travel aids, and contact data.

Write content that provides all the information about the subject that the visitor is looking for.
Backlinks do more harm than good
Baclins are no longer as important as user interaction

Backlinks or Backlinks is a known term in search engine configuration, but these links are no longer useful. Backlinks were used by placing them in many blogs, directory sites, autocomplete sites, and other ways. Now, premium content is the first way to build backlinks but not in its traditional sense, where interacting with this content is as important as user interaction with content on social media sites. Therefore, e-marketing on social networking sites has not become immune to search engine optimization. Where your site needs both.

Redesign your site to fit with mobile phones

Mobile-friendly sites are becoming obsolete

Internet access through computers has become very low compared to mobile phones, which have become the easiest way to access the Internet. Therefore, designing your site to fit with smart phones is not an option, it is becoming necessary to not lose your visitors through mobile phones. The most important challenges that accompany the creation of the site to suit the mobile:

Know the relationship between long and short content and try to match them since long content is the most important for creating sites, but the short content is most suitable for the mobile user

Know and understand the visitor’s nature of mobile, in terms of the type of content he prefers and the interaction he / she performs on the site

Address problems before they occur

One of the most important challenges of positioning sites for search engines is how to deal with problems before they occur, such as knowing the upcoming updates and processing them before they happen. Waiting for updates to fall can cause a significant loss of traffic.

These challenges require people who specialize in creating sites for search engines, either by dealing with an e-marketing company specialized in the formation of search engines or by hiring an employee with experience in the formation of search engines.

Follow These Tips Before You Decide To Shop

Shopping a computer or its equipment is a very complicated process, more complex than shopping any other commodity through the Internet. The dealer Roberto Santiago’s Shopping Center pays a lot of money for equipment he hopes to exploit for a long time. Before buying the device, you must follow the shopping tips:

– Do not shop for any commodity without warranty: Before shopping for any commodity, make sure that the site is provided for the warranty service, which is to refund the price of the item. 30 days from the date of purchase.

– Not shopping online from the site deducted from the refund amount. Restocking fees: The shopper may have to pay a lot of money on these sites even if the products are returned. Some sites do not refund the full price of the products because they charge a charge for the goods Sold.

– Ensure product warranty before shopping: The types of warranties imposed by online computer sales sites are different, especially if online shopping is from a qualifying site or a site selling surplus goods. Find out what kind of warranty is on the products you want to buy and what you offer. The warranty may be provided by the site itself or the producing company. The study also provides information on the duration of the warranty and the warranty period should be at least one year.

Roberto Santiago's shopping center
Roberto Santiago’s shopping center

– Ensure that there is registered information about the product required: The details of the shopping process must be registered especially the specifications of the goods and the price agreed upon with the merchant. We print the web page where you entered and retain your shopping information. Some sites send a message to the shopper by e-mail to make sure the price is agreed and the like.

– Ask the site not to withdraw the amount through the special credit card before the product is shipped: The required products may not be available on the site and may take the study of products and buy them some time. Make sure the site does not withdraw the amount by credit card before shipping and sending the products.

– Know shipping charges for products to be marketed: Charges for charging computer equipment vary from site to site. Some sites offer a free shipping service or a small amount of money up to $800 like these few websites. Other sites range from $50 to $150. Some sites offer this service for a basic shipping fee of up to $5 or more, and then add other charges based on weight. If a shopper deals with a site of the latter type, he must calculate the fees, since the weight of the computer system usually reaches 100 lbs.

– Know the components of the device to be purchased: Some sites sell the computer without the display screen and if the shopper wants to buy the computer screen it must pay a higher price for the device: be sure before buying from the presence of a display and sound card and audio output device and mouse and modem and a keyboard and programs necessary to operate the device Etc. If this equipment is not included in the components of the computer you will have to pay a higher price to get it together for the device to be purchased.

– A thorough browsing of the sites of the sale of computers through the Internet can be directed to these sites to find the equipment to buy and will be useful if it decides to shop computer programs also.

The dangers of online shopping

Online shopping includes some risks, including:

1. Incomplete transactions: The Internet is a great resource, but it can not be predicted. In the middle of the application process, the Internet connection may be interrupted or even blocked by some updated telephone lines. Fortunately and with the use of templates all you have to do is re-order so that the transaction can be completed. However, there is a remote possibility of technical failure at the same time as the request is sent. If this happens, you may find yourself stuck in oblivion.

2. Slowness of some sites: Web sites that require a lot of time are annoying. Sparkling graphics are undoubtedly a fun thing to look at, but what attracts shoppers online is those electronic stores that make it easier for them to find the goods they need and help them complete their transactions quickly and safely. There are some things that attract online shoppers’ attention to items that are out of demand rather than demand that will never come. Of course, these things may happen even if the request is made by a catalog but is nevertheless considered troublesome.

3. Purchase from individuals Protection and assistance are available to you when it comes to buying from an online merchant, but you can not always purchase goods from a merchant. There are often unique goods or valuables offered for sale by an individual.

Due to the huge technological development of the last two centuries, a phenomenon has emerged among technology users called “online shopping” or “electronic stores”, which is a display of products and services on the corporate website or the existence of specialized websites, which displays the goods on the site And prices are clear in each product as well as full product details, characteristics and specifications. The browser reviews these sites for the goods and services they provide, as well as works to study the prices and make sure the discounts announced, so that he buys from them.

If you want to buy from the Internet, first make sure that the site you want to buy from is a safe and real site, ie not a fake location to get an owner without a commodity to sell, as well as security on the site is necessary, because you will use your credit card to buy, This site will expose you to piracy.

We will assume that you have found the site you want to shop online, choose your purchases carefully; check all the specifications displayed, click the product you want to buy; the site will add the product to your shopping basket. Complete your on-site shopping if you still have something to buy; or go to your shopping cart to pay for the goods you want. Payment is made for all goods purchased through the Internet using credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Pre-paid credit cards, which are issued by the Bank with a minimum of US $ 300, are preferred to avoid the risk that a hacker will obtain your card information and hack your bank account Or your card account, and you can use a financial intermediary from trusted websites such as PayPal.

To ensure that the site provides you with security when entering your credit card information, you should see at the top of the web page you are from the far left the following symbol (http :), in the normal case the symbol (http), but the character (S) From Security, you’ll know that this site is safe, but if you do not find it, close the page immediately because it’s probably a fake page.

If you see the code, enter the information requested by the Shopping site, such as your full name, address, and mailbox, enter your credit card number and the number behind the four-digit card. Make sure the amount is correct and match the amount you saw when you reviewed the item.

Some shopping sites increase the amount for shipping and delivery charges, if this is an increase on the price you first saw, do not be alarmed. There are sites that advertise that the delivery is free and the price does not increase. So you have completed your purchase from the Internet; you have only to wait for the goods to arrive.